What is Facebook Cloning – How to prevent it

I’ll keep this sweet and short ?

What is Facebook cloning?


Imagine some scoundrel on the Internet who:

  • finds your profile
  • copies your profile picture
  • creates an account
  • invites all of your friends
  • and then finally, gives them some story about you being in “financial difficulties”, and tries to get money from your mates


Many South Africans (as well as millions around the world) have been targeted by Facebook cloning, and here is the simple solution:



Although there is no way to stop your profile from being cloned (Someone can easily copy your profile picture and create a profile) – there is a way to prevent the clone from wreaking havoc with all of your friends and colleagues.

  1. Go to your profile and click on Friends


  1. Click on the little edit button on the right of the screen, and click on “Edit privacy”


  1. And finally, change who can see your friends list from “Public” to “Only me” or “Friends”


*Something to take note of, is that should one of your friends Facebook profiles be cloned, and you select the option which only allows “Friends” to see your contact list, you will then be vulnerable to Facebook cloning. So the safest option is to select “Only me”. Similarly, but less importantly, change the setting for “Following” to “Only me” to prevent further snooping around ?


Cheerio! ?