Best Free File Synchronization!!!

If you’re looking for the best software to backup and sync ur files, then FreeFileSync is the most outstanding piece of software you will come across. It beats pretty much all alternatives, paid and freeware, and best of all, it uses windows volume shadow which allows you to backup ur outlook files, and any other files which may be in use at the time of backup. Its available for Ubuntu and for Windows, and I can assure you, that you will never look for another piece of backup software. You are able to create batch files, and the options are endless.


Here is the link:

Before you get too excited, be very very careful of using FreeFileSync in silent mode. Silent mode, basically hides the GUI and writes all changes to a log file. Silent mode cocks things up in a BIG way!!! Files get mixed up and deleted left right and center. My suggestion, DO NOT use silent mode. GUI mode works like a charm, but if you use silent mode, trust me, you’ll regret it..