How to remove lock on RBD image (watchers)

When trying to remove an image with rbd, you might have encountered this error:

rbd: error: image still has watchers
This means the image is still open or the client using it crashed. Try again after closing/unmapping it or waiting 30s for the crashed client to timeout.

To try and remove this lock is a nightmare when Googling around for a solution. The first step is to identify what is locking this image.

rbd lock ls your_image_name -p your_pool_name

This will list Locker, ID, and Address information. Use this information and substitute into the following command:

rbd lock rm your_image_name auto\ ID_NUMBER_FROM_PREVIOUS_COMMAND LOCKER_VALUE_FROM_PREVIOUS_COMMAND -p your_pool_name

The command to run will look similar to: DO NOT RUN THE FOLLOWING COMMAND, it is just a reference for what the command ought to look like

rbd lock rm vm-156-disk-0 auto\ 125825167285890 client.125274589 -p my_pool

The lock is now removed on the image, and you can remove the RBD image without issue:

rbd rm -f your_image_name -p your_pool_name