Ubuntu remote desktop hanging

Recently I came across an issue with Ubuntu remote desktop, where you
can connect fine, but as soon as the initial picture of the screen is
painted then the remote computer becomes completely non-responsive to
any issued commands or events. By the way, the remote computer is
running Ubuntu 10 (Lucid Lynx) 32 bit, and the connecting computer is
running Ubuntu 10 64 bit.

A few more highlights for this month:

– Its bin 3 months with my lovely amazing girl Natasha! I Love u!
– I rolled out customization for my new website: http://www.zooom.co.za
– Bin looking at tunneling HTTP traffic through DNS – Tutorial coming soon
– Bin looking at configuring BIND
– Handed in my masters, and taking a lil break before the long stretch
in “no mans land” aka PhD