Telegram Introduces New Features

Telegram now allows users to set a self-destruct timer for photos and videos they share in private chats.

“If you set a timer, the countdown starts the moment your recipient opens the photo or video you sent,” said Telegram.

After the time runs out, the photo or video will disappear – like in Secret Chats.

If the recipient tries to take a screenshot of disappearing media, the sender will receive a notification.

Telegram has also received a redesigned photo-editing tool, which “takes fewer taps to make photos look amazing”.

Telegram 4.2 further allows users to add a bio to their profile.

To enhance the performance of Telegram, it will now rely on a CDN to cache publicly-available photos and videos posted in massive channels (100,000+ members).

This will result in higher download speeds for millions of Telegram users around the world, it said.